our story 

A few years back, we set about restoring 80 acres of derelict farmland at the gateway to Byron Bay.  This land, now a local landmark known as The Farm, is home to a number of successful micro business all working together for a common goal. The goal: to increase wellbeing from the soil up and to educate people about real food and the importance of sustainability in Australian agriculture. 

“It’s hard to think of a project more emblematic of modern Byron than The Farm….The concept was of a place that supported wellbeing by using sustainable, organic growing practise as well as a strong intention to create and connect community.”  The Echo, August 2018

Now we are extending this focus to local ocean and coastline sustainability.  Just as The Farm has provided a green space for the community to gather, we introduce The Beach House, a space where you can connect to nature, create community and collectively to give back.

Hiring The Beach House creates an opportunity for guests to give back and contribute positively towards local coastal sustainability, with  part of the hire cost for every event donated to our Environmental Trust

We want you to celebrate your unique event with an element of social conscience.  It's about having a lightness in our spirit - some would call it gratitude - for our pristine surrounds.

So, it’s from this standpoint that we bring you The Beach House East Coast, a place that connects celebration and conservation through the healing aspects of looking out across the ocean, through the coming together of friends, family and like-minded people, to create community.

It’s a memorable location where ‘celebration meets conservation’

 - Emma and Tom Lane

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“Where celebration meets conservation”

Our intention is to build a beach house for ‘the people’. 

We invite you to use our coastal property as a place to come together and celebrate the beautiful natural surrounds this pristine Australian coastline has to offer. We encourage you to make The Beach House your own celebration destination while enjoying a space that has been created with conservation in mind. 

Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving our coastal and marine eco systems.

Through our own actions to protect and conserve the local coastal and marine ecosystems  we aim to create a ripple effect and raise awareness of these issues among the greater community. 

Our Values

The values of The Beach House keep us on track and focused on our mission.
 Our values are a framework on which we base our everyday decisions.


We employ ethical practices across all activities taking place onsite at The Beach House and ensure our visiting guests do the same. 

Inspirational role model

As leaders in our field we want to be inspirational role models, creating a positive environment for the people who work with The Beach House and for those who use the venue.

Collaborative team players

The Beach House is a family. We support each member of the family and  work together for the greater good of all through open and honest communication and collaboration. 

Innovative and creative

The Beach House is an innovative leader in private venue hire. Alongside events and functions, we work creatively through our Environmental Trust and coastal and marine ambassadors.


Our sustainable business model ensures that our growth contributes to the local community. We are also committed to personal growth of our people. We hope that the growth and success of our business and people inspires others.


At The Beach House we want the coastal and marine environment to benefit from our authentic initiatives and we hope that visitors enjoy an authentic celebratory experience.